Friday, December 26, 2008

Girl Power

Well, not really girl power of course - woman power. You've seen the photos of our beautiful work; now you get to see a little of the nitty gritty side of things. Our electric kilns are heated by coiled elements (like in a toaster but much bigger and tougher) to over 2000 degrees F. That's power. Over time the elements weaken and have to be replaced, so that's what we're doing here on two of our kilns.

The first photo shows the switch box opened; this is where the current enters and is fed to six elements.

In the second photo Diane R. and Joanna are putting the new elements into two of the sections of the kiln that have been set up on a work table for easier access.

The last photo shows Glenda finishing up the wiring on the other kiln. Here you can see the sections of this kiln have been stacked together again, before replacement of the switch box cover visible in the background. Looks like we were having fun. We were.
- Diane W. (who also helped)